Best "Getting to Know You" Game!

First week of school is coming up!! Who is excited??!! I know I am, but I also know that the first few days of school can be really hard for a student, for many different reasons. For the first few days, I like doing a lot of art, easy placement tests, setting up rules and playing games! Students will start to feel comfortable and happy whenever they have a friend they can relate and talk to. And that is what "Do you love your neighbor" is all about! Try it in your classroom and you won't regret it. My students loved it so much last year that we played it all year long!

Here is how to play: 
1- Get all of your students in a circle.
2- The teacher starts by going up to a student and saying: Do you love your neighbor?
3- If the student says yes, than their neighbors (friends sitting on each side of that student) must switch places and the person standing up must try to steal one of their seats.
4- If the student, however, says NO! Then that same student will have to say "But I do love people that....". This is where your students can get creative. They can say that they love people that love pizza, pokemon, minecraft, etc. All students that love the chosen thing will then have to find a new sit. The student that doesn't find a seat, goes on to ask a different student if he loves his neighbor.