Assessment - I vow to not suck at it again!

Oh man, assessment! I am not going to lie, assessing my kiddos was not my strength as a first year teacher. When finishing my teacher education program, I learned many assessment tools I could use in the classroom. However, as I became a full time teacher, I learned that many of those tools are not realistic or really useful to me.

So during this summer, I vowed to not suck at assessment ever again! I haven't tried this idea, but I think it might work. Check it out:

Grade Cam

Have you heard of Grade Cam? It is an app that scans students' multiple choice assignments using your phone's or iPad's camera. It also lets you create reports and transfer them to any type of
gradebook your school might use.

Here is how I am planning on using this tool:

I will laminate one of these 5 multiple answer forms for each one of my students with their "Grade Cam IDs" already filled in for them (just to make it a little easier) and tape it to their desks. Each student will have a dry erase marker to make is possible for the forms to be reused. During my lessons, I can either have planned multiple choice questions (on a power point for example) or come up with them on the fly.

I am hoping this will eliminate all the grading I had to do and it will also make assessment fast and easy for my students. All they will need for these will be a dry erase marker and filling in the bubbles. These should take no more than 2 minutes to get done and scanning the forms is so easy that I am thinking about making it one of my classroom jobs! Once I get this tool tested, I will update this post to let you know how it works, but for now, fingers crossed!!!