My very first post!

In the teaching world, there are many firsts. Your first open house, your first lesson, and of course, the first time your students line up under 10 seconds (that one took me a long time to achieve). I have done all of those, and I know I have many firsts to come with my second year and all the years to come as a teacher. But now is the time to get this first out of the way! My very first blog post!

I have been meaning to start a blog for a while now. I wanted to share ideas that I love with all the other teachers out there. I also want to be able to share lessons and activities for free.

We teachers spend a lot of our own money every year. We should at least be able to have access to free educational resources that are also cute! I will be posting everything that I make for my classroom this year on this blog. Hope you like it!