Addition Facts Practice! Freebie

Math Facts, gotta love them, right? They are not the most fun thing to teach, and they take a long time to stick, but once students can come up with answers without having to use their fingers, it makes a HUGE difference.
Addition Facts Flash Cards

My students last year were a lot faster with their math facts, which made me so comfortable that I never even thought about the fact that I should be teaching and working on it with them all the time. However, during my first Math lesson this year, as I tried to start our Math program, I noticed that my students weren't remembering their facts. That's when I decided that we would take about half an hour a day to practice our addition facts.

During Math, I have 4 centers going around. One comes to me to go over the day's lesson. Another group goes with a Math Fluency parents, who times them and helps them with writing their math facts. Then we have an independent work center and a game center. For now, we have an addition Bingo game and also some addition flash cards. You can get a copy of the flash cards HERE!

Addition Facts Flash Cards

More next time! =D